This photo was taken summer of last year in Pinetop, AZ one of my favorite vacation spots. The wildflowers were in full bloom, the sun was shining and the air was fresh. It was a beautiful summer day.

Where is your favorite things about summer?

Wishing you a beautiful Father’s Day weekend!

Blessings and hugs,

Vanessa ♥♥

4 thoughts on “Wildflowers

  1. Absolutely lovely, Nessa!
    My fave about summer is the warm,fragrant air and of course, the beautiful array of colorful flowers :o) Oh, and ice cream, freshly mowed grass, cookouts, and all of the joys of warm and sunny days!

    xox, Daff

  2. Those are wonderful favorite things Daffy and also some of my favorite things. Being in southern AZ with the 100+ temps I am a fall/winter fan but one of my favorite things about summer here in the desert has to be the RAIN. We receive most of our rainfall in the summer months. The monsoon season will be starting soon..probably the end of this month! 🙂

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