A blog makeover

We just wrapped up a blog makeover for Retro Threadz Click the link to check it out. Her blog is full of the latest fashion trends, fashion history and is an all around good read. Mary is a long time customer and friend and it was such an honor to design her blog. She also sells awesome vintage items over on Etsy! Check out her shops:

Retro Threadz on Etsy
Vintage Apparel, Hats, Boots and so much more!
Curvy Cats Vintage on Etsy
Plus Size Vintage Apparel

Please check her out by clicking the links above. Here are a few of my personal favorites from her shop:

Blessings and Hugs,

One thought on “A blog makeover

  1. >oh vanessa you ARE the greatest. "THANK YOU" for EVERYTHING! You are so talented my friend! my shop "rocks" because of YOU… & yes. we not only do "business" we have became friends ❤ also, thank you so much for featuring me/my shop on your blog. Your too kind. & i LOVE my new blog. its incredibly. it's more beautiful than i EVER IMAGINED..take care sweetie

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