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Welcome to this weeks edition of the Tour de Blog!

Want to participate in the Tour de Blog? Here is how to do it:

1.Create your own Tour de Blog post spotlighting your favorite blog of the week. Make sure to link back here(http://craftycreative.blogspot.com/ ) so visitors can find your blog post.

2.After you have posted your own Tour de Blog, sign the MckLinky below. Have fun reading the other posts! **Only post a link to your Tour de Blog post. All other links will be removed.

This weeks we have the pleasure of featuring The Stylish House.

A stunning interior design blog that provides a wealth of inspiration to designers and crafters alike. This blog is just bursting at the seams with brilliant ideas to help you decorate your nest. Who better to provide you with decorating tips than an expert. Cathy has over 20 years of experience in interior design! This lovely lady knows exactly how to make your house a home. So hop on over to The Stylish House, subscribe and soak up some inspiration today.

The Stylish House Blog:


The Stylish House Website:


Come visit us each Saturday to see who will next in the Tour de Blog.



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