The citrus trees are in full bloom.
Delicate white flowers with a fragrance that
rivals any perfume. It’s a beautiful day.


3 thoughts on “>Blooming

  1. >OH MY Goodness! I can just smell those blooms from here, They are beautiful. I wish I had a citrus tree…I tried some in pots once, they got funny little fuzzies and then wilted into the next dimension! lol. Have a blessed day and weekend!

  2. >I have been trying to grow a meyer lemon tree in my yard for the longest time. I purchased a seedling one year from Etsy and it died. So I purchased a very well established large tree at Walmart last year.. and so far it looks dead too. They can be hard to get going. He he 🙂 You inspired me Nora so I had to fit in a sparrow somewhere.

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