>My mini trip

> Last weekend(I know I am sooo late getting this post up!). I went on a mini trip to Sacramento California. The reason for the trip? To pick up my mums new puppy! It was a loooonnnggg drive of 16 hours there and 16 hours back. We stayed the night in Sacramento at the Radisson(gotta love those sleep number beds!). The view was wonderful. There were ducks and geese in the pond.
We also drove around a bit. Here is a picture of one of the old victorian homes located in old town.
I had never seen a ginkgo leaf tree in person before.. so of course I had to capture it! Followed by some autumn shaded trees. After all Sacramento is “The city of trees”. I think this would be a wonderful place to live.

So there you have it! My mini trip. I wish I could have stayed longer. Downtown they had some amazing architecture which would have made for wonderful shots!! Most of these photos were taken out the window of the car while speeding by ha ha. We didnt have any time to spare sadly. I hope to return someday with a better camera and much more time! Who knows.. maybe I can move to that area someday in the future.

I wish you many blessings for your week!

Vanessa 🙂 XXOO
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8 thoughts on “>My mini trip

  1. >I know that water tank. I've passed it personally many a time. Glad your trip was successful! What a great reason to go. 🙂 Puppies make smiles. Or that's what I would think.

  2. >Hey Nora!! I agree that was the best place ever to take a short trip. Hopefully I will be able to go again someday in the near future. I would love to make it up to Oregon all by road 🙂

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