>Giveaway.. go enter today!! Ends Friday!!!

Want to be a winner? A winner of a contest that is! I am sure you are already a winner!! Ha ha. Then hurry and go enter this giveaway:


This giveaway is good for $20.00 used any way you like in my graphic design shop here:


Use your $20.00 to order a new banner, blog header, business cards, vinyl banner and more!

We offer both professional eco-friendly printing and graphic design services.

All of our printing is done on recycled paper using soy inks. The shipping is FREE within the 48 states. We ship to Canada, Hawaii, Alaska too.. but the shipping will be extra(just contact me for a quote).

We need more entries so go hop on over and don’t forget to subscribe to the lovely Krista!! She has such an amazing blog!!!! I know you will enjoy reading it.

So go read the post and find out how to enter.. its free money and couldnt you use some graphics?!!

Lots of love! ~Vanessa 🙂


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