>Punkiny Deliciousness

>I can’t wait till fall hits my part of the country. Then I can start living life ha ha. I am still sipping on my iced tea wearing my summer skirts and sleeping without covers at night (it’s really that hot!). Meanwhile some of you lovely ladies are sporting your wonderful fall fashions and piled up with warm blankets at night. I was craving something with pumpkin which directed me to an Etsy search for pumpkin treats. Look at what I found…

Pumpkin Fudge available from Little Snowflakes

Pumpkin Crystal Barley Candy Sweets available from Sweet Lollipop Shop

Pumpkin Pie Caramels available from Caramel Jubilee

There are just a few of the great treats you can find on Etsy. Each of these wonderful ladies puts much love into their treats so I am sure you will never be disappointed.Why be stuck in the kitchen this holiday season when you can order your party treats?

What is your favorite autumn treat? Let me know in the comments below.

My favorite fall treat is punkin bread 🙂

Till next time remember to stay crafty and creative!

Vanessa 🙂 xxoo

13 thoughts on “>Punkiny Deliciousness

  1. >OMGosh Lady V all those pumpkin yummies look so good. When I think of fall yummies I think of pumpkin pie, & home-made breads, fudge. So DELISH' When does it start to cool off for you? And how cool does it actually get there?

  2. >Hey Mary! Thanks so much for stopping by 😀 I am seriously wanting some pumpkin pie right now. It doesnt cool down till after Halloween here although sometimes it doesnt cool down till a day or two before thanksgiving.. I cant wait for the cool weather.. its wayyy to hot here!

  3. >Vanessa,I just wanted to let you know that you won the giveaway from Cakebox Cookies on our blog. We need you to email us at ladies@oneshetwoshe.com to accept the prize. We need to hear from you by this Saturday or we have to give it away. Thanks for entering!Marielwww.oneshetwoshe.com

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