>The weekend without a car

>Could be a good thing. Have some gardening to get done, possibly some cleaning and maybe even a bit of relaxing!! Thursday night my hubby was on his way home from his men’s group at church and his car died in the midst of driving on a VERY busy overpass bridge. I thank the Lord he was okay as there was no bike lane or curb to pull off too. There was also no warning it just shook and died. Had it towed to the mechanic today to find out it was the fuel pump and filter. This is a blessing despite the $$$ price. Things can always be worse and this was in no way the worst of what could have been (a new engine). Glad he is safe and that we can afford this high price for a car repair right now. In a few more weeks we might not have been able to afford to fix the car at all. So tonight we stayed in (of course ha ha) and watched a rerun of Numb3rs, had some banana cream pie and I took care of a few orders. I seriously think I have the world’s best customers and possibly the world’s best job! Life is good and we are very blessed. A very good and wise friend of mine reminded me recently in her blog post that we all need to take time to count our blessings. Even in the midst of our trials be it lack of money, job, car.. we need to be grateful for the simple things and for what we have. I wish you all a very blessed weekend. What are you grateful for?


3 thoughts on “>The weekend without a car

  1. >I love rainy weather. We dont get it as often as I would like around here.. but its nice to sit on the back porch when its raining. I hope you have a great weekend Cathy!!

  2. >Wow, thankful you dh is ok, I just hate car trouble. Where was I when you were dishing out that pie? Now I must have a piece. Oh the power of suggestion.I'm going to talk to Judy, I bet she has a great recipe. Hve a good weekend.

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