>Julia Child and a Saturday Spotlight

>Today I am spending the day watching a tribute to Julia Child on PBS. If its on in your area I suggest you tune in. You can really gather some great inspiration from such a delightful and seasoned chef.

A few of my favorite Etsy sellers that take pride in their creations….

Some of you will notice that I love my handmade soap. The reason? It leaves your skin silky smooth, sweet smelling, moisterized and they never dry you out! I just ordered some of this beautiful fragrant Gardenia soap available from http://soapyblessings.etsy.com/

I had the wonderful opportunity to do a trade with Nicole from Nicoles Handmade Treats. These Cashew Clusters were to die for!! Much better than anything you can pick up at your local supermarket. I find myself craving them often..sadly sugar is out for now.. but I HIGHLY reccommend her treats! Delicious chocolate creations available from http://nikid.etsy.com/

Wanna spice up your life? Then grab a set of custom blended spices created with love by Deirdre at Kitchen Stories. Her artfully blended spices are delicious and can turn that boring chicken into a new fine dining experience. I ordered her “3 blends for $15.00” deal. My choices were Greek Herb(great on greek salad!), Italian Herb(wonderful on pizza!) and Cajun Spice(Delicious on baked chicken!). Spices are available from http://KitchenStories.etsy.com

I suppose Julia got me in the mood for food today.

Shop handmade and be crafty & creative today!

Vanessa 🙂


5 thoughts on “>Julia Child and a Saturday Spotlight

  1. >Hi Vanessa,Welcome to Blog World! I started blogging because like you I enjoyed reading them and decided to start my own. You are off to a great start and I look forward to following you. Enjoy! Cathy

  2. >Me too about the movie. Beautiful items that you chose Lady V. Trish's soap looks like you could eat it! These kinds of pics wish I could just pluck from the screen. hope you are having a good day!

  3. >Looking forward to that turkey taco recipe…I have ground turkey ready to roll for something interesting. Let me know when ya get that one up!Fellow SITSta,T.

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